Jeffrey Pierce

Jeffrey Pierce

Scaling UX

A wise individual once told me that if I wanted to look smart in meetings, there are few sure-fire ways; 1) Draw Venn diagrams, 2) Repeat the last thing the lead engineer said very, very slowly, 3) Ask everyone to ‘Take a step back’, and most importantly 4) ask ‘Will this scale’ about anything. Databases, personas, text fields. Literally anything.

I’ve been asked this question about UX. And my answer is always, “It depends. What do you mean by ‘UX’?”. How very Socratic. In this presentation we’ll discuss approaches that have both worked and failed in attempts to move towards user focused software design. How to grow from that one weird, but passionate, dude / dudette in the corner to having it be the first thing people consider when building a new product or feature. I’ll also touch on what UX is and isn’t in the context of larger companies.

About Jeffrey

Jeffrey likes analog synthesis, salty scandinavian candy and medieval church music - which leads to a lot of strange looks and awkward pauses. He has tried to leave his childhood home of Vermont a number of times, with stints in Boston, Chicago and Brooklyn, but the fresh air and fresher cheese pulled him back in. With degrees in both music and technology he spends his time listening and thinking about how people think about listening. His work has varied from building robots to scoring documentaries. Currently, he tries to make computers friendlier as the Director of User Experience Strategy at / Dealertrack. Although he doesn’t like to talk about it, he also used to make website splash pages with Flash.