Michael Tedeschi

Michael Tedeschi

Incorporating Drawing into the UX Process

Picking up a pencil or whiteboard marker can be daunting, but sketching can be one of the best tools in a designer’s arsenal. Through this session, we’ll review the positive impact sketching can have on the UX process. We’ll work through sketching methods for different screen sizes to allow for rapid paper prototyping. We’ll also review how to organize and run a collaborative sketching session with colleagues and clients.

You’ll learn… how to sketch effectively; how to design and lead a collaborative sketching session; how to engage your team to draw out their ideas; and how to use paper prototypes to test quickly.

About Michael

Mike Tedeschi is a UI/UX designer and developer with eight years experience in the industry. He specializes in art direction, front-end development, and user interface and experience design for digital projects. Prior to founding Interactive Mechanics, he spent several years designing award-winning interactives and applications for Azavea (Lead UI/UX Designer) and Night Kitchen Interactive (Interactive Designer). You can reach Mike on Twitter @mike_tedeschi or mike@interactivemechanics.com.