Sha Hwang

Sha Hwang

Keynote - Forms of Protest

Let’s close the day by talking about our responsibilities and opportunities as designers. Let’s talk about the pace of fashion and the promise of infrastructure. Let’s talk about systematic failure — failure without malice. Let’s talk about the ways to engage in this messy and complex world. Let’s throw shade on fame and shine light on the hard quiet work we call design.

About Sha

Hi, my name is Sha. I’m an information designer and technologist based mostly in Brooklyn. For the past year I’ve been working with a team brought in to redesign

My background is in architecture, but my work over the last seven years has been in design, data visualization, and entrepreneurship. I’ve worked at the amazing Stamen Design building projects for CNN, MTV, Flickr, and Adobe, and have also built work for the New York Times, CUP, and the Harvard Library. I’ve also started a few companies: a startup called Movity with my friends Eric Wu and Vaughn Koch that was later acquired by Trulia, and more recently a generative jewelry company Meshu and an animated gif printing company Gifpop with my friend Rachel Binx.

I enjoy speaking about design, technology, and entrepreneurship, and have given talks at the wonderful Eyeo Festival, Visualized, Webstock, and the White House Datapalooza. I also enjoy mentoring designers pursuing entrepreneurship, or architects looking to escape. You can find more of my work online here, or say hello on Twitter here.